What We Believe 

Why we do what we do

1.  We believe in working together to meet the real needs of the people in our community, because they are family, friends, and neighbors and we care about them.


2.  We don’t let outsiders turn us against each other because we need to be working together if we are to have any chance of solving the problems in our community.


3.  We refuse to follow anybody’s ideology because no ideology has ever made one single thing better in our community.


4.  We want to see our elected officials actually making a positive difference here in our community day by day, because actions speak louder than words.


5.  We believe in being self-reliant, because the more we can do for ourselves, the more independent we can be.


6.  We refuse to let big corporations take over our community or our lives, because we want to make our own decisions.


7.  We work to make a strong locally-based economy, because people far away in big companies don't know us and don’t care about us.


8.  We want a vibrant, flourishing local economy, because we want our children to be able to find work here as they grow up instead of having to move away.


9.  We want a strong local culture, filled with fun and meaningful things to do, because we want everyone to love living here.


10.  We reach out to people in urban and suburban areas who have big hearts and ask them to stand with us and help our community get the kind of attention it deserves.


11.  We acknowledge our differences, but we pull together because we know the most important things in our lives are things we hold in common.


12.  We’re even so bold as to imagine that if we can create a community here at home where we’re taking the best possible care of ourselves and each other, that we can become an inspiring model for our country.