Our Mission

To provide inspiration, training, and community to those involved in making social change and improving the lives in our community.

Welcome to the 

Rural Organizing Center

So many of us never really learned about US history, the constitution or how government is set up and how democracy is supposed to work. When you don't understand how things work, you can't really participate and if you don't participate you begin to feel that you have no control over what happens to you or your community. This can make you scared of the future and angry!

We at ROC can give you the information you need and connect you up with others who are working to make our lives – all of our lives – better – not just for those who understand how the system works or know how to work the system! We support each other and find ways to work together to include everyone in our community.

We believe in our Constitution and in democracy and freedom. We believe that everyone has the right to this information. We begin with the statement in the Declaration of Independence that we all “are created equal.” So if you grew up in our rural area or in a city, if you speak English or another language, no matter your job or how much money you make, your race or sexual identity or if you are disabled or any other way that makes you seem “different” – we all are created equal and we want to work with you! That's what makes this country really strong and that's what makes ROC in Mifflinburg rock!

If you have questions or would like more information- feel free to reach out!